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Add a touch of shimmer with a Pearlescent or Anodised-look finish

Enhance Your Project with a Pearlescent or anodised-look finish on alteria Aluminium Cladding and Battens

Selecting the right colour for your projects facade is a decision that can significantly impact the overall finish of your design. Colorbond and flat PowderCoat colours are always a common solution for both commercial and residential properties, but have you considered selecting a colour with a bit of shimmer?

Pearlescent and anodised look colours, known for their captivating shimmer and versatility, are a superb choice for aluminium cladding and battens in modern architecture.

Alteria Aluminium offer an outstanding selection of colours within our Lumi Pearlescent Range and our Aurora Anodised-Look range. From beautiful bronzes, glowing golds and subtle yet shimmering traditional colours, we have an option to meet your needs – of course, if you can’t see what you want in our standard selection, make sure you reach out as we can always source a custom colour to meet your needs.

See below some things to consider when thinking about adding a bit of “shimmer” to your next for your next

Pearlescent and anodised look colours offer a distinctive and visually captivating appearance. They provide a subtle interplay of colours and tones that impart an air of sophistication to your building – particularly when the sunlight hits the surface and you see that subtle shimmer. This uniqueness can set your project apart, making it an eye-catching landmark in the bustling commercial landscape.

Anodised-look and Pearlescent colours can be adapted to various architectural styles and design concepts. Whether your commercial property follows a modern, sleek look or adheres to a classic, timeless design, pearlescent and shimmer finishes can seamlessly integrate with your vision

Have a client with a specific brand colour? Instead of a flat colour, opt for a pearlescent or anodised-look finish that still can align seamlessly with their brand identity but adds another dimension to their brand, creating a cohesive and memorable brand image that resonates with their customers and clients.

Pearlescent and anodised-look finishes not only look stunning but also offer durability. They are designed to withstand the rigors of commercial environments, including exposure to smog and harsh weather conditions. This durability ensures that the property remains visually appealing over time, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repainting. All Alteria Lumi & Aurora finishes come with a Signature 25 Year Warranty.

Aluminium cladding and battens with a touch of shimmer offer a practical and visually striking choice for commercial and residential properties. If you want your commercial property to make a lasting impression, contact Alteria and ask for a sample of our Aurora and Lumi finishes range.

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