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ALTERIA: Proud Partner of Capral LocAl

alteria is a proud supporter of capral local green aluminium

Alteria Aluminium is committed to a long term sustainability strategy which includes aligning ourselves with partners who have the same focus.

As part of our commitment to providing a sustainable batten and cladding solution, Alteria are partnered with Capral Aluminium and ONLY offer their LocAl Green lower-carbon aluminium for all our extruded products.

A key sustainability driver for Alteria when we developed our range was to ensure we found options to lower carbon emissions as we wanted to ensure that we were sourcing solutions that made a difference to net zero.

Capral’s LocAl Green Aluminium means it only produces eight kilograms of carbon emissions per kilogram of aluminium, which offers a substantial reduction in carbon emissions when compared with the current global average for primary Aluminium; this means by choosing LocAl Green aluminium, we reduce the embodied energy of our aluminium products.

Some suppliers may offer Capral LocAI Green as an additional option and with extra cost, however Alteria have made the decision to only offer LocAI Green aluminium within our range, and have absorbed the costs so there no extra costs involved for our customers.

READ CAPRAL’S MEDIA RELEASE HERE: Sustainable Solutions: Alteria Aluminium Systems using responsibly sourced Lower-Carbon Aluminium

About Capral LocAl

  • Extruded in Australia by Capral Aluminium, Capral is committed to Net Zero by 2050 and working actively on reducing Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.
  • Primary billet with certified CO2e content* at or below 8kg CO2e/kg AL – LocAL Green
  • Capral is certified against ASI Performance Standard V3 and Chain of Custody (CoC) V2 for the extrusion, warehousing and distribution of aluminium products and services. All LocAl primary aluminium is sourced from ASI Certified smelters with full Chain of Custody management.

Click here to view more info on Capral LocAl.

For more information about Capral LocAl(R) click here or contact us.

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