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Decjuba’s sophisticated Facade

Refined palette creating a sleek architectural facade

In the heart of the urban landscape stands a beacon of modernity and sophistication – DECJUBA. As you approach this architectural marvel, you’re immediately drawn to its facade, a masterful blend of elegance and edge. What sets it apart? The meticulous use of Alteria’s 30 x 50mm two-piece aluminium battens, finished in the alluring Night Sky hue.

A Symphony of Design Elements

DECJUBA’s facade is a testament to the power of architectural ingenuity. Complementing the sleek lines of the building, the two-piece aluminium battens add depth and dimension, creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow. Paired with shingle cladding, the facade exudes a sense of drama and intrigue, inviting you to explore further.

Dark, moody, and undeniably sophisticated – that’s the aesthetic projected on the street. The Night Sky finish of Alteria’s aluminium battens perfectly embodies this vision. Against the backdrop of the urban landscape, DECJUBA stands out as a bold statement of contemporary design.

Elevating Urban Architecture

In a world where first impressions matter, DECJUBA’s facade leaves an indelible mark. By harnessing the versatility of Alteria’s aluminium battens, the architects have succeeded in creating a facade that transcends the ordinary. It’s a testament to their vision and Alteria’s commitment to excellence in architectural solutions.

Your Journey to Architectural Brilliance Begins

Are you ready to transform your architectural vision into reality? Explore the possibilities with Alteria’s range of premium aluminium battens. Whether you’re aiming for sophistication, minimalism, or something entirely unique, Alteria has the solution to elevate your space, available in over 50 finishes, Alteria can match any project aesthetic.

Discover the Alteria Difference

Join the ranks of visionary architects and designers who trust Alteria to bring their boldest ideas to life. With unparalleled craftsmanship and a commitment to innovation, Alteria sets the standard for architectural excellence. Experience the difference today and unlock the true potential of your next project.

Project NameDECJUBA Headquarters
Product30 x50mm Two Piece Batten System
FinishEssentials 25 Night Sky
BuilderFigurehead Construction

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