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Evoke vs Merdian – Wood-Look Aluminium Battens & Cladding finish Options

what is the difference between alteria’s two wood look finish options?

So you know you want a wood-look finish for your aluminium cladding or batten project. But with so much choice, where do you start and what are the different options available?

Alteria Aluminium offers two modern and durable wood-look aluminium batten and cladding options in the range our Evoke wood-look and our Merdian wood-effect, both which offer excellent wood-look options for your next project, but what is the difference and which is best suited for your project needs?

Here’s a quick overview of the difference between our Evoke & Meridian wood-look aluminium options

Powder Coat Finish Type:

Our Evoke range uses a sublimation process, which in simple terms is an advanced manufacturing process that transfers a realistic wood ink design onto the powder coated aluminium using heat. This type of option is highly popular in the market and for good reason – it looks realistic and is very durable.

Our Meridian range uses a unique “powder on powder” manufacturing process, which provides a layered powder coat base with another powder coat layer on top for the grain finish which results in a beautiful wood effect finish that emulates the texture of real timber. This process is extremely popular across Europe, as it is extremely hard wearing and can handle most weather conditions and environments.


Warranty is an important thing to consider, especially when considering the location of your project.

Wood-look powder coat finishes are a durable choice for aluminium battens and aluminium claddings, but just like any external paint applications, it is still necessary to consider the location of your project to ensure that the best finish, with the most suitable warranty, is selected, as well as understand the cleaning requirements to make sure the colour can be kept at its optimum.

By following the basic cleaning requirements outlined in warranty, our Evoke wood-look aluminium range offers up to 15 years of warranty and our Meridian range offers an outstanding 25 year warranty. If your project is located close to sea water or other high corrosivity areas, then Meridian could be the perfect solution if a longer warranty is needed for your project.

For more information on our warranty options – please go here.

Colour Options

If you are looking for a specific wood-look colour or you love lots of choice, then Evoke is likely to be your preferred option. With 20 wood-look colours within our standard range, which includes all the on trend timber colours, you are likely to find a colour suited to your requirements. However if you have a specific wood-look colour not in our range, then please reach out to discuss with us, because just like there are hundreds of real timber options, there are other options available on request.

Meridian offers a selection of 12 beautiful wood-look colours, and there isn’t any custom colour options available for this range, as it is very unique. However the range does include all the popular wood-look colours so it is very likely you will find an option suited to your needs – particularly when you need a wood-look option with a longer warranty period.

For more info on our wood-look colours go here .

For a sample of any of our colours go here

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