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How to Specify Alteria Battens

Understand the details you need to add to your next design.

There are some key steps when specify Alteria Battens, here we’ll go over what to consider and the details you should include to make sure your project looks its best.

1. Choose your Batten Profile

Alteria Battens are available in two face widths, 30mm and 50mm. Once you’ve chosen your batten size you need to determine the batten depth, the 30mm range comes in depth from 30mm to 120mm. While the 50mm range has depths from 50mm up to 350mm.

2. Determine Batten Orientation

Now you know which batten profile you want to utilise, you need to determine the installation orientation. While vertically installed battens tend to help elongate facades, horizontal installation can accentuate a key building element.

3. Decide on Batten Spacing

Batten spacing can be as important to the overall final look as the battens themselves. This negative space determines the visual intent of your feature battens, it also contributes to the overall project costs, with larger spacing reducing costs, there is a fine balance to achieve a visually striking batten feature, if your not sure where to start, try using the batten face width for the gap. For 30mm battens start with a 30mm gap and for 50mm battens use a 50mm gap. Then as the battens increase in depth you can increase the spacing until you achieve your desired finish.

4. Select The Finish

Alteria offers five ranges to beautifully finish your chosen battens:

  • Evoke – wood look
  • Meridian – wood effect
  • Aurora – anodised look
  • Lumi – pearlescent
  • Essentials – solid colour

With over 50 finishing colours to choose from, Alteria will match your design aesthetic perfectly.

Alira Town Centre - 50x100 Aluminium Batten - Queensland Kwila

5. Get Creative

Now you’re familiar with the specification process experiment, create layers utilising battens of differing depths or face widths. Apply different finishes, creating contrast or harmonies across the design.

Want to better understand how Alteria Aluminium Battens will suit your project For any other sustainability questions or product enquiries, please contact us.

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