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Modern Duplex

Embodying a contemporary elegance that stands as a testament to architectural innovation, the luxury duplex located in Chadstone has become the focal point of modernisation in the neighbourhood. A striking metamorphosis of the old block, the residence boasts a sophisticated facade that seamlessly integrates functionality with aesthetics.

A key element in achieving this modern look is the application of Alteria 50 x 50 aluminium battens finished in the timeless Monument hue. What sets this design apart is the decision to employ a horizontal orientation for the battens, a departure from the conventional vertical arrangement. This intentional choice plays a pivotal role in elongating the facade, adding a dynamic and visually captivating dimension to the structure.

The ingenious use of Alteria’s two-piece batten system further underscores the thoughtful approach to design. The system, with its base installation followed by the swift attachment of the cover, not only enhances the efficiency of the installation process but also contributes to the overall sleek and seamless appearance of the facade. The two-piece batten hides all fixings, creating a seamless finish. The ease of application reflects Alteria’s commitment to providing architects with products that enhance the completed building with high level finishing quality, delivered through a simple installation process.

The result is a home that stands as a testament to intelligent design and luxurious execution. Every detail of the facade has been meticulously curated to deliver a residence that not only meets but exceeds the expectations befitting its esteemed location. The Alteria two-piece batten system, with its attention to detail and superior finish, plays a pivotal role in achieving the pedigree and proportion that define this architectural masterpiece.

Nestled within walking distance of local parks, including the picturesque Gardiner’s Creek, the residence offers not just a modern living experience but also proximity to nature. Additionally, it enjoys close proximity to Holmesglen village, the convenience of a nearby train station, and the unparalleled shopping experience at Chadstone shopping centre.

For architects seeking to make a signature statement in their next project, Alteria presents itself as the epitome of sophistication and innovation. To embark on a journey of architectural excellence and elevate your project to new heights, get in touch with us. Let Alteria be the key to unlocking the full potential of your design aspirations.

If you want to make a Signature Statement with Alteria for your next project, then please get in touch.

Project NameModern Duplex
Product50 x 50mm Two Piece Batten System
FinishEssentials 10 in Monument

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