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Sustainability Focus at Alteria

what is alteria’s sustainability focus?

As the world works towards net zero emission by 2050, we all need to start thinking about what part we can play in this task.

For specifiers, there is no doubt increased pressure to start considering what products are more sustainable and understand what is the environmental impact of the products we specify.

As Manufactures, we need to consider what changes we can implement to help reduce carbon emissions in our manufacturing processes.

Alteria Aluminium Battens and Claddings have been developed to be a sustainable option. But what do we mean by that?

Lower Carbon Aluminium – LocAl Green

As part of our commitment to providing a sustainable batten and cladding solution, Alteria have partnered with Capral Aluminium and only offer their LocAl Green lower-carbon aluminium for all our extruded products.

“One of our key sustainability drivers in developing this product, was to ensure we found options to lower carbon emissions” states Alteria Aluminium Commercial Manager Natalie Middleton. “We didn’t want to introduce another “me too” aluminium batten and cladding product in the market, we wanted to ensure that we were sourcing solutions that made a difference to net zero.”

Capral’s LocAl Green Aluminium means it only produces eight kilograms of carbon emissions per kilogram of aluminium, which offers a 50% reduction in carbon emissions than the current global average for primary aluminium.

Some suppliers may offer Capral LocAI Green as an additional option and with extra cost, however Alteria have made the decision to only offer LocAI Green aluminium within our range, and have absorbed the costs so there no extra costs involved for our customers.

Recyclable Material

Often named the “green metal”, aluminium is strong, lightweight and highly recyclable. When aluminium is recycled properly it can go towards saving up to 95% of the energy required to make new aluminium products from its raw material bauxite ore.

Alteria aim for zero wastage by re-using any unused or cut to size aluminium products through our sampling program, we do also ensure that any unusable off cuts are fully recycled by a reputable aluminium collection service.

Alteria also offer the opportunity for those who have installed the product to return any unused or wasted aluminium so we can appropriately recycle.

During the recycling process, metals (both ferrous and non-ferrous) are identified, picked, processed and separated into metal recovery areas/bins for recycling though specialised trade partners.

Longer Lifespan

Alteria offer a 15-year system warranty on the aluminium (our coating warranty can go up to 25 years), but with an estimated 70+ year life span, aluminium is a material that will serve generations to come. Aluminium will not rot, warp or rust or corrode, which means less turnover of materials required, over the life of the building.

Timber, although well known for its beauty, it also has a tendency to deteriorate over the years, which requires replacement much sooner than aluminium. Alteria wood-look aluminium battens and aluminium claddings offer the perfect solution for long term lifespan, whilst achieving a beautiful wood look effect and aesthetic for the project.

Minimising Environmental Impact

Alteria also has a commitment to minimising the environmental impact of the activities that we undertake including identifying environmentally responsible improvement opportunities; improving processes and equipment when necessary, appropriate waste materials plan using reduce/reuse/recycle; Using local suppliers to minimise the impact of road freight emissions.

We have also only engaged local manufacturing partners who are required to meet Australian environmental regulations and standards in their manufacturing and finishing operations.

Of course, undertaking a sustainability program never ends. Alteria understands the need to continue to review and introduce new process or programs that will continue to ensure our products are sustainable, and we will continue to share these with our customers as more initiatives are rolled out.

For any other sustainability questions or product enquiries, please contact us.

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