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Alteria Aluminium Batten Systems offer an easy to install two-piece click fixing system that has been designed for beauty and longevity and a modern difference to metal battens.

  • 30mm & 50mm Aluminium Batten Sizes
  • Easy Installation
  • Premium Powder Coated Finish
  • 50+ Wood-Look & On Trend Colours
  • Non-combustible & Sustainable
  • Australian Made

Alteria’s aluminium BATTEN range

Our Two-Piece Aluminium Battens are the perfect solutions for most applications including walls, ceilings, fences, screens and garage doors.

Alteria Aluminium Battens use a direct fix two-piece click system for easy installation and comprises of a batten cover and batten base. Alteria’s Aluminium battens are available in a range of 30mm and 50mm sizes.

30mm Aluminium Batten Series

30 x 30mm
Two Piece Batten

30 x 50mm
Two Piece Batten

30 x 80mm
Two Piece Batten

30 x 120mm
Two Piece Batten

50mm Aluminium Batten Series

50 x 50mm Batten

50 x 100mm Batten

50 x 150mm Batten

50 x 200mm Batten

Aluminium Batten Joiners

Alteria Aluminium Batten Joiners can be used together with the 50x50mm, 50×100 and 50×150 covers to create a longer batten.

50 x 200mm Batten Joiner

aluminium batten Accessories

Alteria Aluminium battens are a 2 Piece Aluminium Batten System comprising of a batten profile and batten base.

Screw Fit End Caps

Alteria aluminium batten profiles have been designed with screw flutes to allow a screw to be securely inserted into the profile. End caps are colour matched to batten profile.

Concealed Fit End Caps

If you require a seamless finish, then you can select our custom fit concealed end caps. These end caps are colour matched to your batten profile and have been designed to snuggly fit our batten profiles and do not require any exposed screws.

Mounting Plates

Mounting plates required to secure batten profile for floor to ceiling batten applications. Available in 30mm & 50mm

aluminium batten Finishes & colours

Beautiful and realistic, Alteria aluminium battens have been designed for longevity and includes a stunning collection of premium powder-coated finishes.

With an extensive selection of over 50 colours, including wood-look and on trend options, we have divided our colours into five different ranges to help you select the best finish and colour to make your own Signature statement.
Click on a range to view colours.

Evoke Colour Range

Striking wood-look range that is beautiful, realistic and extremely low maintenance.

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Meridian Colour Range

Beautiful wood-effect range that offers maximum durability and realistic definition.

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Aurora Colour Range

Alluring selection of anodised-look colours with a beautiful metallic flat matt finish.

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Lumi Colour Range

Decorative collection of pearlescent colours with a glowing matt finish.

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Essentials Colour Range

Selection of Colorbond™ and solid colours with an advanced durable finish.

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aluminium batten Specifications

Aluminium Batten Installation

Alteria Aluminium Battens use a direct fix two-piece click system for easy aluminium batten installation. Aluminium battens are suitable for internal and external installation.

View our Technical Downloads section to view install guide.

Aluminium Batten Application

Our Aluminium Battens can be installed horizontally or vertically and are suitable for both internal and external applications. There are various layout and design options available for Alteria Signature Aluminium battens.

External Installation

Alteria Aluminium battens are an excellent choice for external use, but are not designed to provide weatherproofing of the building. If weatherproofing is required, battens need to be installed over suitable exterior cladding. Please contact your project engineer for cladding recommendations.

Internal Installation

Alteria Aluminium battens can be installed directly to most internal linings (eg. Plasterboard) or directly fixed straight to the ceiling grid.

Aluminium Battens – Over Cladding or Linings

Aluminium Battens – Floor to Ceiling

Aluminium Batten Profile Sizes

Alteria battens are made from Aluminium 6060 T5 Alloy and are available in the below sizes.

Alteria Aluminium Battens come in standard 6500mm lengths.

Aluminum Batten – 30mm Series

  • 30 x 30mm Batten Profile
  • 30 x 50mm Batten Profile
  • 30 x 80mm Batten Profile
  • 30 x 120mm Batten Profile
  • 30mm Batten Base

Aluminum Batten – 50mm Series

  • 50 x 50mm Batten Profile
  • 50 x 100mm Batten Profile
  • 50 x 150mm Batten Profile
  • 50 x 200mm Batten Profile
  • 50 x 200 Batten Joiner Profile
  • 50mm Batten Base

Aluminium Batten Accessories

  • Batten End Cap – Screw Fit
  • Batten End Cap – Concealed Friction Fit
  • Mounting Plates – For Floor to Ceiling Applications
  • Colour Matched Screws

Aluminium Batten Finishes & Colours


Alteria offer an extensive selection of premium powder-coat colours including wood-look and on trend options. We have divided our colours into five different finish ranges to help you select the best finish and colour to make your own signature statement.

You can select any of our finishes on all Alteria Aluminium Battens and accessories.

Click here to view full Finish Range options and colours.

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Aluminium Batten Data Sheets

Technical data sheets are available on request.

Contact us for a copy  or visit our Technical Downloads  section for other information.

Aluminium Batten Fire Certifications

Alteria Signature Aluminium Systems has undertaken the following fire tests and received the following results. Please contact us to receive a copy of these certifications.

Fire tested AS/NZ 1530.3-1999:
Spread of Flame Index 0

Fire tested AS 1530.1 – 1994:
Deemed Non-Combustible.

Contact Us for Details.

BCA Compliance

Alteria Signature Aluminium Battens is suitable where non-combustible materials/fire retardant are required in accordance with Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions C2D10(6)(e) of the 2022 NCC, Building Code of Australia Volume One. (Previously known as C1.9(e)(v) of the 2019 NCC).

BCA Section C, Part C2, D10 (6)(e) states: The following materials may be used wherever a non- combustible material is required: (e) Pre-finished metal sheeting having a combustible surface finish not exceeding 1 mm thickness and where the Spread-of-Flame Index of the product is not greater than 0.

Aluminium Batten Warranty

Alteria products are built to last and are made in Australia using quality components.

By following the care and maintenance instructions, Alteria Aluminium Systems are covered by a one of our Signature Warranties, which are separated into three levels and are available based on the finish selected for your project.

Each Signature Warranty level is made up of three components, a durability warranty (film integrity),
a colour warranty (colour retention, chalking and gloss retention) and a system warranty (aluminium system integrity).

View Warranty Details

Aluminium Batten Maintenance

Alteria Aluminium battens require very low maintenance, especially when when compared to timber or steel, though some general maintenance is required to ensure colour longevity.

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Signature System. Signature Service.

When you specify Alteria, you are getting more than just an aluminium profile, you are getting a complete Signature System that has been designed with all the complementary accessories to ensure not only an efficient installation, but a façade that will look exceptional and will last for years to come.

But is our commitment to our Signature Service that will set us apart. You will have a dedicated Alteria Signature Team who will get to know you and your project from your first product enquiry right through to final install who will ensure you get the Signature Service form Alteria every time.

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